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Why Do You Need An Assault Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs?

If you’re facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs, particularly an assault charge, the expertise of a skilled assault defense attorney is essential. Navigating the legal complexities of such charges demands the proficiency of a seasoned attorney well-versed in Colorado’s laws and court procedures.

Facing an assault charge in Colorado Springs is an immensely distressing and complex ordeal, necessitating the expertise of seasoned criminal defense attorneys.

The emotional toll and legal intricacies associated with assault charges demand adept legal representation, and Perkins Law offers a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of individuals confronting such charges.

If you are facing an assault charge, you need the knowledge, practice, and years of fine-tuned expertise of Perkins Law. Don’t try to handle your case alone; contact the experts at Perkins Law today and get your life back on track.

Defending Yourself Against Assault Charges is Challenging. Finding an Assault Attorney Doesn’t Have To Be.

Facing assault charges in Colorado Springs can be scary, anxiety-inducing, and overwhelming. The fear, worry, and distress that accompany such serious legal proceedings underscore the critical need for professional legal guidance.

Navigating the complexities of the legal process and the potential long-term implications demands the expertise of seasoned attorneys with a track record of successfully handling assault cases in Colorado.

With Perkins Law, you can rest assured that the details of your assault case will be handled with the utmost care and expertise, providing you with the necessary support and guidance during this challenging time.

The Three Degrees of Assault in Colorado

Colorado law defines assault as recklessly or knowingly causing physical damage to a person’s body, also known as bodily injury. Colorado has several specific forms of assault, including an assault on an elderly or disabled person and vehicular assault.

Assault is a criminal charge in Colorado where the courts break the charges into three categories: first, second and third-degree assault.  First- and second-degree assault charges are the most serious. Colorado treats these two as felonies. Third-degree assault is a misdemeanor charge. Colorado Springs courts will classify the charge based on the seriousness of the actions and injuries.

Assault in the First Degree

First-degree assault is the most severe assault classification in Colorado. The courts will levy assault in the first-degree charges against a person who intentionally causes serious bodily injury via the use of a deadly weapon.  The assault charge can also be first-degree if the injuries or the intent to injure are severe and/or permanent. First-degree assault will be the charge if you harm or threaten harm to a police officer, firefighter, emergency medical provider, judge or prison/detention center worker.

The keywords that trigger first-degree assault are “use a deadly weapon,” “severity of the injuries,” and whether the injured party was acting in an official capacity. The law considers an assault in the first degree a Class 3 felony in Colorado. If the courts consider the assault to be a “crime of passion” then the court may raise the charge to a Class 5 felony.

Colorado considers assault charges a violent crime. This means the defendant will face a judge and jail time for at least a state-specified minimum term.

Learn more: Colorado Criminal Code Statutes, Assault in the First Decree

Assault in the Second Degree

Similar to the above, second-degree assault occurs when a person intentionally causes bodily injury to someone but without involving a deadly weapon.  The assault charge may be classified second-degree if someone recklessly causes bodily injury using a deadly weapon. There are a variety of other characteristics that may trigger second-degree assault charges, including intentionally drugging someone, causing another to come into contact with toxic material, applying physical force against the officials listed above, or showing indifference toward human life.

The Colorado laws deem an assault in the second degree a Class 4 felony. Similar to the above, the courts may increase the felony charge to Class 6 if they determine the assault to be a crime of passion. Colorado generally requires mandatory incarceration for assault in the second degree.  However, the court has the power to lower mandatory sentences depending on the defendant’s prior charges and/or substituting probation for jail time.

Assault in the Third Degree

Third-degree assault is the charge when the assault does not result in serious bodily injury.  For example, the court may consider kicking someone in the stomach a bodily injury but it won’t qualify as serious bodily injury if the person does not suffer long-term impairment or severe pain.  If the kick resulted in major medical treatment, then it might count as a serious injury.

In Colorado, third-degree assault is a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, if the defendant assaults a peace officer or other official employee, the courts may impose harsher penalties, up to twice the minimum sentence and/or fine.

How to Work with a Colorado Springs Assault Lawyer

At Perkins Law, our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs are familiar with El Paso County family courts and judges and are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex legal process. Trust the Colorado Springs assault lawyers at Perkins Law to look after you during this challenging time.

Step 1

Call us to set-up your initial free, and confidential, telephone consultation.

Step 2

Meet in person or on the phone with an experienced El Paso County criminal defense attorney to assess your case and strategize your approach.

Step 3

You can rest easy knowing that a dedicated Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer will handle your case from start to finish.

Why Do You Need a Colorado Springs Assault Lawyer?

Criminal assault charges in Colorado are serious. Depending on the charges you could face 20+ years of jail time and massive fines in the hundred thousands of dollars. This is one of those criminal charges you don’t want to face alone. You need an experienced assault defense lawyer that can navigate the Colorado Springs courts to achieve a better resolution than what you might expect.

You need a partner on your side to gather evidence, testimonies, and witnesses to build an aggressive defense for your case. For instance, in assault cases in which self-defense or heat of passion defense might help. You and your Colorado Springs assault defense lawyer may get the charges mitigated or even dropped if you were protecting yourself or provoked into committed the assault.

Your defense for criminal assault charges must be intelligent and aggressive. You will need a local Colorado Springs assault defense lawyer to interpret and explain your charges. You will need the help of an expert with experience in the local El Paso County courts to know how to proceed.

Protect Your Freedom

As Colorado Springs assault lawyers, Perkins Law can help protect you against false allegations and help prevent a temporary restraining order from becoming permanent. Through our rigorous approach to a restraining order defense, we can gather evidence to support you and protect your rights to access your home and children.

The criminal defense attorneys at Perkins Law offer a free consultation to anyone penalized with an assault charge in the Pikes Peak region. We can help you understand what to expect in our local courts based on Colorado laws and the assigned Colorado Springs judge and prosecutor.

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We don’t let that happen. As your lawyers, our job is to solve problems, not to add to them, to minimize acrimony and to maximize the likelihood of a full and fair settlement. However, respect and tenacity are not opposing values.

We fiercely protect our client’s rights and will do everything possible to ensure our client’s well-being. Additionally, when matters need to be resolved through litigation, we come thoroughly prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients zealously.

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Fighting an assault charge in Colorado Springs may not be easy, but finding an attorney who will sit down with you and advocate for you when you need them isn’t hard. If you need a criminal defense attorney in El Paso County, we look forward to assisting you during this challenging time.

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