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Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer Bryson Perkins is dedicated to defending men and women throughout Colorado Springs and nearby areas. This blog offers information you need to know if you are facing Colorado misdemeanor or felony charges.

Are you or someone close to you experiencing their first Christmas after divorce? The holiday season is about many things, including family and traditions. But divorce can tear families in two. It can disrupt lifelong traditions for adults and children alike. It can make that first Christmas...

As a Colorado Springs family law attorney, my goal is to help parents reach their own agreements as to custody, visitation, and other matters relating to how they will raise their child after their marriage ends. When it comes to child support, however, Colorado law sets forth specific...

Stalking is a serious crime in Colorado. Whether the stalking occurs before, during, or after divorce proceedings, victims and potential victims need protection from the torment stalking can cause. While imperfect, Colorado law provides tools that can help shield spouses and their children from...
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