Three Tips for Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs

Finding the best divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs requires more than just searching "best divorce lawyer near me." Use this guide to find the best divorce lawyer for you.

What Does Best Really Mean?

What does finding the best divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs mean anyway?  Best price? Best listener? Most aggressive? Best negotiator? Best reviews?

There’s a good chance that you’ve never had to hire a lawyer before the end of your marriage led you to search for one.  The process of looking for and selecting a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs can be an intimidating, confusing, and unfamiliar process.

Making the right choice involves more than simply googling “best divorce lawyer near me” or asking your friends for referrals. You are hiring someone who is going to be your ally, advisor, and advocate during one of the most difficult and impactful times in your life. The correct decision is critical.

Finding the best Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs

To effectively compare the best divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, you need to know what you want, what to look for, and what to ask.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you begin the process of choosing a lawyer to represent you in your Colorado divorce.

1. Determine What Is Best For Your Situation

The personalities of the spouses and the circumstances that lead them to end their marriage will play a large role in how the divorce process proceeds.

Some spouses call it quits relatively amicably, and go into the process intending to work collaboratively and constructively to reach agreement on as many issues and minimize conflict as much as possible.

Other divorces are much more contentious, with spouses at each other’s throats, fighting over every issue big and small, and perhaps even engaging in deceitful and underhanded acts intended to game the system or exact revenge on their spouse.

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When searching for the best divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, you want to choose someone whose approach and personality best fits the nature of your divorce and the goals you have for the process.

All good divorce attorneys will work to protect your interests and those of your children, but how they go about doing that can vary. You don’t necessarily want an aggressive “shark” if you and your spouse are largely in agreement about things, but you may want a hard-charging lawyer if things look to become ugly.

Figure out what your goals are, share them with the lawyers you meet with, and gauge whether they are compatible.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

The relationship between you and your Colorado Springs divorce lawyer is a unique one. The lawyer will be your partner on a difficult journey involving some of the most personal, emotional, and substantial aspects of your life.

You need to be comfortable discussing sometimes uncomfortable subjects with your divorce lawyer, and you need to feel that you are being listened to and respected.

When you first meet with a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs that you are considering, think about how you feel while talking with them. Is your attorney really listening, or do they seem in a hurry or distracted? Do they inspire a sense of trust and confidence? Does the attorney speak to you like a client, or do they speak with you like a person?

Yes, these are all questions involving intangible qualities that can’t be seen on a resume or don’t necessarily involve the divorce lawyer’s experience or skill in the Colorado Springs courtrooms, but these qualities will define your relationship with your lawyer.

3. Ask Your Divorce Lawyer Questions

Of course, you and a divorce lawyer may get along like peas and carrots, but if the lawyer doesn’t know what they are doing, that won’t do you much good.

You need to find out about your attorney's education, background, and history handling Colorado divorce cases like yours. Remember, you are the one conducting the job interview, which means you should feel free to ask as many questions as you like before deciding whether a divorce attorney is right for the job.

Consider asking some or all of these questions when you meet with potential divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs.

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The bottom line when choosing the best divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs is about comfort.  Are you comfortable with the attorney’s personality, legal style, communication style, education, and experience?

Hopefully, your thoughtful search for a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer will end with the start of a constructive relationship that brings you peace of mind and a sense that everything will be okay as you work towards starting the next chapter of your life.

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