3 Reasons Defending Against Criminal Harassment Charges Is Best Left to An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Considering defending against criminal harassment charges on your own? 3 good reasons to rethink that decision and hire a criminal defense attorney instead.

With Your Freedom and Future At Stake, Do You Really Want To Wing It?

If you are thinking about defending against criminal harassment charges in Colorado Springs without hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney, you better think twice. Criminal harassment is a serious offense, and El Paso County prosecutors aggressively seek convictions for those accused of a crime often seen as a precursor to more violent acts. If a judge or jury finds you guilty, you will likely wind up behind bars and face consequences that may burden your life for years or decades to come. 

With so much at risk, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can talk your way out of the charges or go toe-to-toe against skilled and determined El Paso and Teller County prosecutors who have the full weight of Colorado’s criminal justice system behind them. Even if you don’t believe you did anything wrong, these experienced prosecutors will aggressively pursue your conviction if they think you took actions or made statements that put someone else in danger or made them reasonably fear for their safety.  

Here are three big reasons why you should not represent yourself when defending against criminal harassment charges. 

You Can’t Talk Your Way Out Of It

You’ve seen enough movies and TV shows to know that you have the right to remain silent after police arrest you and that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. In the heat of the moment, however, when you are facing arrest for criminal harassment, it can be easy to forget these rights. You may desperately want to explain to the officer or prosecutors why they are wrong and that the situation is nothing but a big misunderstanding. 

Don’t bother. The more you say, the more chances you have to say something that will implicate you or hurt your defense. A good Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney can keep you from making critical mistakes that may make your bad situation even worse.

Similarly, many individuals defending against criminal harassment charges mistakenly believe that if they can reconcile with the victim of their statements or actions, they can convince the person to “drop the charges.” But victims don’t bring criminal charges – prosecutors do. Even if the subject of your harassment no longer wants prosecutors to pursue the case against you, the ultimate decision is up to the prosecutors.

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know When Defending Against Criminal Harassment Charges

The substantive law and procedural rules that govern a criminal case can be complicated, overwhelming, and indecipherable to the average person defending against criminal harassment charges. Ask yourself:  Do I  know exactly what El Paso County prosecutors must prove to gain a conviction for criminal harassment? Am I aware of all the defenses available to me, and more importantly, how to assert those defenses?  Do I understand how to assemble the necessary evidence or challenge the evidence and testimony presented by prosecutors?

If you don’t know what you don’t know or try to make it up as you go along, even a small misstep can lead you straight to a conviction. You may waive important rights or leave potential defenses on the table simply because you don’t know they even exist. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand the nuances of criminal harassment law, know the rules of procedure and evidence, and be able to present the strongest possible defense to the charges you face.

Judges and Prosecutors Won’t Cut You Any Slack

If you believe that the Colorado Springs judge or prosecutors assigned to your case will give you a pass on following the rules, or take it easy on you, because you’ve decided to represent yourself when defending against criminal harassment charges, you will quickly learn how wrong you are. Busy Colorado Springs judges and DAs with large caseloads will not look kindly on your miscues or ignorance of the law or proper procedures. A hearing or trial that may seal your fate can happen in the blink of an eye. 

An experienced criminal harassment defense lawyer won’t be steamrolled and will protect your rights during every interrogation, at every hearing, and throughout trial. 

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A conviction for criminal harassment can lead to time behind bars, thousands of dollars in fines, and a stain on your reputation, all of which can impact your job and your relationships with your children, friends, and colleagues. If you face criminal harassment or stalking charges, it is critical that you contact the experienced Colorado Springs criminal harassment attorneys at Perkins Law as soon as possible. 

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