Facing Domestic Violence Charges? How to Equip Your Defense Lawyer for Success

On November 27, 2023

You Can Help Your Lawyer Help You Fight Domestic Violence Charges

If you face domestic violence charges in Colorado Springs, you need all the help you can get. That is because El Paso County prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions for those accused of this serious offense, and the consequences of a guilty verdict are swift and severe. While the most important thing you can do to help yourself is to contact an experienced Colorado Springs domestic violence charge defense attorney as quickly as possible, additional actions can help you help your lawyer.

Your Colorado Springs domestic violence defense lawyer will understand the law and procedures that govern domestic violence cases and can mount a vigorous defense. Still, you were there and know what happened during the incident that led to your arrest. Your lawyer will need you to provide him with whatever facts, recollections, or evidence you have relating to the event and allegations. You also have the ability, after your arrest, to either improve your chances of a positive outcome or make a difficult situation even worse.

Here are seven ways you can equip your lawyer for success when fighting domestic violence charges:

Tell Your Attorney Everything

Your lawyer will want to know everything about or surrounding the allegations against you. You must provide your defense lawyer with honest answers, including answers you may think are unhelpful to your case. Always remember that what you say to your lawyer and what they say to you are protected by the attorney-client privilege. So, don’t hold anything back. Not providing your lawyers with all the information they need today could come back to haunt you tomorrow.

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Gather Evidence

One of the most crucial aspects of mounting a defense against domestic violence charges is the collection of evidence. Work collaboratively with your attorney to gather any texts, emails, or other communication that may support your case. Collection may include evidence of false accusations, inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statements, or any additional information that may doubt the validity of the charges.

Establish a Timeline

Creating a complete timeline of events leading up to the alleged incident can be instrumental in building a solid defense. Documenting the sequence of events, including relevant dates, times, and locations, can help identify inconsistencies or discrepancies in the prosecution’s case. This timeline can serve as a visual aid during legal proceedings, emphasizing the accuracy of your account.

Identify Any Witnesses

If any witnesses saw the alleged incident, provide your attorney with their names and contact information. Let them know that your lawyer may contact and interview them and will prepare them for any testimony or court appearances if needed.

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Attend Anger Management or Counseling

Even if you know that the allegations against you are false or distortions of the truth, attending anger management or counseling sessions may be viewed favorably by the judge. They may contribute to a more favorable outcome. Voluntarily attending these classes or sessions can show the court that you take the charges seriously. That said, your attorney can guide you in selecting appropriate programs and documenting your participation.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

Your attorney is your ally, advocate, and advisor. Their job is to defend you against domestic violence charges, and you hired them for their expertise and experience in handling cases like yours. If they ask you a question, make a suggestion, or advise you to do or not do something, they have a reason for doing so. Whether it involves refraining from communication with the accuser, complying with court orders, or adhering to any legal obligations, following your Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney’s guidance is essential for building a solid defense. Failure to do so may jeopardize the effectiveness of their carefully crafted defense strategy.

Maintain Your Composure

Court proceedings can be emotionally charged, especially when facing accusations of domestic violence. Maintaining your composure and avoiding emotional outbursts inside and outside the courtroom are essential to your defense. Losing your temper will not help you counter domestic violence charges that are based on your alleged inability to control your anger.

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