What are the Key Steps When Preparing for Divorce in Colorado Springs?

Wondering what are the steps to preparing for divorce in Colorado Springs? Bryson Perkins, a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, explains the process.

If you’re thinking about preparing for divorce in Colorado Springs, think back to your wedding. Even the smallest and most modest weddings involve some degree of careful planning before the big day. Preparing for divorce goes further than emotional preparation: practical and financial arrangements need to be made, paperwork needs to be filled out, and friends and family need to be leaned on to provide much-needed support.

Key Steps in Preparing for Divorce in Colorado Springs

One of the first questions we hear is: What are the Steps to Preparing for Divorce in Colorado Springs?

While the emotions surrounding an impending divorce in Colorado are far different than a wedding, both the start and the end of marriage require thoughtful preparation and planning. Divorce in Colorado is rarely easy, but by taking the right steps as you begin this critical life transition, you can minimize upheaval and position yourself - and your children -  for a bright and hopeful future.

Preparing Separate Accounts

Preparing for divorce may take longer than one may expect when considering how much you have merged lives over time. You share a lot with your soon-to-be former spouse; this likely includes things like bank accounts, cell phone, and Wi-Fi service, and other vital services that are part of your day-to-day life. You will want to set these up in your name, so privacy and control are yours alone. 

Reexamine Living Arrangements

One of the most significant issues in preparing for divorce is deciding who will get to keep or stay in the marital home. The decision will ultimately be resolved through settlement or at a trial, but arrangements need to be made while your divorce is pending. Either you or your spouse will need to find a place to live other than in your current shared home. Try to have a plan that will allow you to stay elsewhere, even if it is with a close friend or relative in the short-term.

Gather Financial Information and Documents

Knowledge is power, and this especially true when it comes to the assets and finances that will be a central issue when preparing for divorce in Colorado Springs. You will want to have a complete picture of your financial situation as you begin the Colorado divorce process, so prepare an inventory of all personal property and gather the financial documents and information which you can ultimately provide your divorce attorney. If your spouse handled the finances, bills, taxes, and accounts, you might have to do a little digging to get this information.

Focus on assembling the following:

  • Several years of your tax returns

  • Checking and savings account statement

  • Records of all investment accounts and pensions

  • Mortgage statements

  • If you or your spouse operate a business, secure copies of the business records

  • Inventory of the contents of safe deposit boxes

  • Credit card bills and credit reports

  • The income of each spouse

  • Expenses of each spouse

  • Assets of the spouses (joint and separate), including such things as art, antiques, fine jewelry, cash, vehicles, real estate, and furniture

  • Liabilities of each spouse

  • Pension plans, retirement accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, and any other employee benefits

  • Life, health, and disability insurance policies owned by each spouse.

Assemble Your Team

You don’t have to – and you shouldn’t – go through a divorce in Colorado alone. Establish a support system to not only ease your emotional burden but also to assist you with the practical and logistical changes that come with preparing for divorce and life after divorce.

Lean on friends and family, seek professional help or clergy, or find support groups where you can share your feelings and experiences with others facing the same challenges and issues. 

Of course, your team and your planning will not be complete until you have found and retained an experienced, compassionate, and effective Colorado Springs divorce attorney who will be by your side at every step of the process. 

You’ve made the emotional leap to begin a new phase of your life. We've explained the key steps to preparing for divorce in Colorado Springs. Careful planning can help ensure that you step into that new phase with confidence and clarity.


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