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How Losing Your Job Affects Divorce

Losing your job affects your divorce in numerous ways. Here’s how to navigate a difficult job loss during divorce.

Can You Modify a Parenting Plan In Colorado Without Going To Court?

Do changing circumstances dictate that you modify a parenting plan in Colorado? Learn when you do, and do not, need the court’s involvement. 

Dealing With Child Support and Unemployment

Losing a job is traumatic. Dealing with child support and unemployment just increases that anxiety.  How do Colorado courts view this change in circumstance?

Colorado Divorce Attorney Explains How to Get Temporary Financial Support While Filing for a Divorce

Financial help may be available during your Colorado Springs divorce process. In this post, a Colorado Springs divorce attorney explains the factors in getting temporary support.

What Do Colorado Courts Consider When Calculating Child Support?

How is child support calculated in Colorado?  This short guide explains the guidelines and formulas that judges use to determine amounts each parent will need to contribute to the child’s upbringing.

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How to Modify Child Support After a Colorado Divorce

How to Modify Child Support After a Colorado Divorce

The agreements and final divorce decree that lay out the respective rights and obligations of spouses are based on the circumstances that exist at that time. This includes the determination of child support. But life moves forward after the ink dries on your divorce papers, and the world as it was at the time of your divorce may change dramatically as years go by.

Those life changes may involve finances, income, employment, health, or other matters that can make a once fair and equitable child support order no longer so. That’s why Colorado law allows a parent to seek a modification of child support after a Colorado divorce.

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Checklist: How to Choose a Child Support Attorney in Colorado Springs

Checklist: How to Choose a Child Support Attorney in Colorado Springs

Establishing the amount of child support in a divorce case can be complicated and contentious, and the same goes for enforcing the payment of support months or years after the ink has dried on your divorce decree. In both situations, you want to have a child support attorney who fully understands the importance and challenges involved in child support and has the experience and skill to make sure you and your children get what they need and deserve.