Criminal Defense Articles

What Are Colorado Restraining Orders?

Learn what Colorado restraining orders are, how they limit your freedoms, and why you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side.

How Your DUI Affects Child Custody in Colorado

Everyone makes mistakes, but when a DUI affects child custody arrangements, the results can be life-changing. Take steps now to protect your parental rights.

Does a Criminal Record Affect Divorce?

A long rap sheet can impact your life in surprising ways, including your relationships. Learn how your criminal record affects divorce decrees in Colorado.

Can I Seal a Deferred Judgment in Colorado?

Do you want to keep your past mistakes from affecting your future? What you need to know to seal a deferred judgment in Colorado.

When Is It Time To Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney?

Learn why the right time to hire a domestic violence attorney in Colorado Springs is the moment you find yourself being accused of domestic violence.