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What To Do If You Are Served With Divorce Papers While Deployed In The Military

Learning your spouse wants a divorce is even more shocking when you are served the divorce papers while deployed in the military. What you need to know.

How Does Divorce Work In The Military?

Learn what factors affect how divorce works in the military and why you need an attorney who specializes in this complicated area of family law.

How Do You Find the Best Divorce Attorney for Your Case?

If your marriage is ending, and you find yourself searching the internet for the “best divorce lawyer near me,” I know it can be a challenge. How do you find the right lawyer for you?

Three Tips for Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs

You won’t have a hard time finding a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs; there are hundreds.  However, finding the best divorce lawyer for you can be much more challenging.

Underhanded Colorado Divorce Tricks to Look Out For – And Avoid

All is not fair in love and war, and divorce involves the end of the former and all too often the beginning of the latter. The end of a marriage can bring out...
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Military Divorce: Division of BAH Benefits

Military Divorce: Division of BAH Benefits

Divorces involving active duty members of the armed forces are unique in a number of respects. Lengthy deployments, multiple relocations, and a complicated system of compensation and benefits can make the end of a military marriage even more challenging than a divorce between civilians. Navigating a Colorado military divorce is something no soldier, sailor, airman, or military spouse should do without the guidance of an experienced military divorce lawyer.

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Is All Divorce the Same in Colorado? How Will Yours Go?

Is All Divorce the Same in Colorado? How Will Yours Go?

No two people are the same. No two marriages are the same. And no two divorces are the same either.  While the laws, rules, and procedures that govern Colorado divorces may apply equally to everyone, how each divorce proceeds – whether it is relatively amicable or full of conflict, whether it is resolved in a matter of weeks or a matter of years, whether it is concluded with a negotiated settlement or a full trial – can vary wildly.