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Facing Child Abuse Charges in El Paso County?

If you are facing charges of child abuse, you need legal representation from a child abuse defense attorney, which is part of criminal defense law. The criminal defense attorneys at Perkins Law in Colorado Springs can help defend your case.

Don’t try to handle these child abuse charges alone. You need the steady, guiding hand of a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney. You need the knowledge, practice, and years of fine-tuned expertise of Perkins Law.

Fighting Child Abuse Charges Can Be The Hardest Battle of Your Life

We know how you feel—scared, worried, and overwhelmed. Even if the claims against you are false, child abuse defense proceedings can reopen old wounds and conflicts. This is not a charge you can fight on your own.

You need the best Colorado Springs family law attorneys with experience in El Paso County family courts and a track record of successfully negotiating family courts in Southern Colorado. With Perkins Law hammering out the details of your child abuse defense case, you know you’re in good hands.

Don’t Let a False Child Abuse Allegation Ruin Your Life

To a child, the world can be a big and scary place. Kids don’t have the knowledge, maturity, strength, or resources to fend for themselves. That’s why a parent’s love, care, and protection is so important. That is also why Colorado law makes child abuse such a severe offense.

Colorado Springs law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and the community at large are particularly harsh towards those who abuse or mistreat children. While the need and desire to protect children from violence and harm is critical and understandable, the result can be unwarranted arrests and charges when officials err on the side of a child’s well-being.

Police will often arrest a parent or other adult in circumstances where there was no actual abuse or misconstrue an act of reasonable parental discipline as a criminally abusive act.

Child Abuse Charges Put Your Family and Future At Serious Risk

Regardless of whether claims of child abuse against you arise from a misunderstanding, a false accusation, or a momentary lapse in your judgment, everything is on the line – your family, career, reputation, freedom, and future. You are fooling yourself and risking everything if you attempt to defend yourself or think that just telling your side of the story will make everything okay.

Quite simply, if you want to get the best outcome when facing Colorado Springs child abuse charges, you need an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who understands the delicate nature of these cases and appreciates how much is at stake for you.

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How to Work with a Colorado Springs Child Abuse Defense Attorney

At Perkins Law, our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs are familiar with El Paso County family courts and judges and are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex legal process. Trust the Colorado Springs family law attorneys at Perkins Law to look after your best interests.

Step 1

Call us to set-up your initial free, and confidential, telephone consultation.

Step 2

Meet in person or on the phone with an experienced El Paso County child abuse defense attorney to assess your case and strategize your approach.

Step 3

You can rest easy knowing that a dedicated Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney is taking care of your family’s needs.

What is Child Abuse in Colorado Springs?

Many people mistakenly believe that child abuse must involve physical violence against a child to be considered a criminal offense. Indeed, such action can get you convicted of child abuse.

But Colorado law defines child abuse much more broadly and includes most anything that unreasonably puts the child’s life or health at risk, whether or not they suffer any actual harm.

Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-6-401 provides that an individual commits child abuse if he or she:

  • Causes an injury to a child’s life or health, or
  • Unreasonably places or permits a child to be in a situation that poses a threat of injury to the child’s life or health, or
  • Engages in a continued pattern of conduct that results in malnourishment, lack of proper medical care, cruel punishment, mistreatment, or an accumulation of injuries that ultimately result in the death of a child or serious bodily injury to a child.

Under this expansive definition, a whole range of behaviors beyond striking a child can lead to a child abuse conviction, such as:

  • Driving while intoxicated with a child in the car
  • Leaving a child unsupervised in a hot car
  • Failing to get medical attention for an ill child
  • Excessive physical discipline

Severe Consequences for Child Abuse in Colorado

Depending on the nature and severity of the allegations and the extent of actual harm to the child, Colorado Springs prosecutors can charge child abuse as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Do not make the mistake of treating misdemeanor child abuse charges lightly. You still need the help of a Colorado Springs child abuse lawyer because you face harsher penalties than you would for other misdemeanors since child abuse is an “extraordinary risk” crime under Colorado law.

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Colorado Springs Child Abuse Defense Attorneys Perkins Law are Ready to Help You

The child abuse defense attorneys at Perkins Law bring our extensive experience, smart and strategic advocacy, and fierce determination to the defense of those dealing with the nightmare of these serious charges. Calling us to arrange for your free initial consultation is the first step in putting this ordeal behind you.

With genuine care about your well-being and a lack of judgment about you or the circumstances surrounding the allegations, we will listen to your story, help you understand your situation and options, and develop a plan to get you the best possible result.

While an acquittal or dismissal of the charges is always the goal, Perkins Law will also explore alternative approaches if they offer a better chance of minimizing penalties and consequences.

If child abuse allegations cloud your future and threaten your relationships and reputation, the Colorado Springs child abuse defense lawyers at Perkins Law can give you the best chance at clearing things up.

With personal attention and a thorough understanding of what is necessary to fight Colorado child abuse charges successfully, we will be your steadfast allies and advocates throughout this challenging time.

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Respectful. Professional. Tenacious.

Respect and professionalism are our bedrock values. This extends not only to you and your family but to opposing counsel and the court as well. When emotion, pettiness, or disrespect interfere with clear thinking and a focus on the issues, additional conflict is often the result. This leads to greater costs and reduces the chances of an amicable and positive resolution.

We don’t let that happen. As your lawyers, our job is to solve problems, not to add to them, to minimize acrimony and to maximize the likelihood of a full and fair settlement. However, respect and tenacity are not opposing values.

We fiercely protect our client’s rights and will do everything possible to ensure our client’s well-being. Additionally, when matters need to be resolved through litigation, we come thoroughly prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients zealously.

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Fighting child abuse charges may not be easy, but finding a criminal attorney in Colorado Springs who will sit down with you and advocate for you when you need them doesn’t have to be hard. If you are facing issues related to criminal defense, we look forward to assisting you during this challenging time.

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