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Charged with Domestic Violence in Colorado Springs?

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges of domestic violence, then you need legal representation from a domestic violence attorney, which is part of criminal defense law.  

Criminal defense attorney Bryson Perkins is among the top-rated domestic violence attorneys in Colorado Springs.

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Domestic Violence Can Put You In Jail

Often, a domestic violence charge happens in the heat of the moment.  An emotional argument escalates to the point of yelling, name-calling, accusations, intimidation, damaging property, and other similar actions.

In the blink of an eye, the police are knocking at the door.

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In Colorado Springs, an officer is required by law to make an arrest if they deem there is probable cause that someone committed an act of domestic violence assault. This law often results in unnecessary arrests based on misunderstandings.

If the officer does believe that probable cause exists,  the handcuffs come out and someone is getting a free ride to a local jail.

Domestic Violence Charges Come with Lots of Problems

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Colorado, then you have more than just a court case on your hands.  You have a whole slew of potential problems.

You have protection orders - aka restraining orders - to deal with.

In Colorado, the courts automatically issue a 72-hour emergency protection order against anyone charged with domestic violence. The courts will issue this 3-day restraining order even if the alleged victim made up the charges, does not press charges, or changes her or his mind and retracts the charges.

The courts can extend emergency protection orders to become temporary protection orders (TPOs).  A TPO is valid for 15 days but can be longer or shorter. A TPO can become a permanent protection order (PTO). The PTO is a restraining order of 6-months to a year or longer.

A restraining order can be a nightmare.  Below are some ways a restraining order can make your life miserable and cost you money.

When a judge issues a restraining order against you, then you:

  • Must refrain from contacting the alleged victim and witnesses in any way including phone, text and email. This means you may have to pay your lawyer to speak with the victim's lawyer.

  • May lose access to your home and belongings and end up paying for lodging or sleeping on a friend's couch. You may need to buy clothes and other necessities.

  • Could lose the ability to see or communicate with your kids for days or even weeks.

  • May lose access to your transportation if you and the alleged victim shared a vehicle. This means renting a car or spending big bucks on Uber.

  • May have to stay away from locations where the alleged victim is likely to hang out. This may impact your social life if you and the victim shared interests and friends.

  • You may lose other aspects of your lifestyle if the judge thinks is necessary to protect the alleged victim to include disallowing you from drinking, access to firearms, etc.

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Fighting Protection Orders

You have the legal right to solicit the Colorado Springs courts for modification or dismissal of a Colorado protection order.  

Do not procrastinate. If you have kids, the last thing you want is for a TPO to become a PTO.

Even if the restraining order is not a hassle at the moment, in most cases you should fight it.  The alleged victim can seek a permanent protection order against you which could have ramifications you are not aware of yet.

Defending domestic violence charges and fighting protections orders requires experience and creativity.    Here’s why.

While the Colorado Springs courts often issue TPOs without a hearing, the judges are more cautious with a permanent protection order because of what’s at stake.  

The judge in the domestic violence case will set a court hearing to decide whether to continue a TPO. Both you and the alleged victim will have each have “your day in court” to present arguments to the judge.

At this hearing you want a Colorado Springs domestic violence attorney by your side to guide you to achieve the best outcome for you.  Your domestic violence attorney will challenge the alleged victim’s story and any negative characterization of your behavior. The attorney will question and test the witnesses called.  

The alleged victim may use domestic violence charges to get an upper hand in divorce, property, or child custody proceedings.  The best Colorado Springs domestic violence attorneys are on the lookout for these tactics and can turn them around to help your case.

Domestic Violence Attorney Bryson Perkins Can Help You

Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney Bryson Perkins works hard - and smart - to defend clients charged with domestic violence.

Fighting domestic violence charges and protection orders is one of Bryson’s specialties.  He understands the many twists and turns in the Colorado criminal law courts. 

Bryson can collect the evidence needed to create a strong defense against domestic violence charges and restraining orders and get the best outcome for you.  

Bryson has defended hundreds of local citizens charged with domestic violence. He’s familiar with most of the prosecutors, judges and other lawyers in Colorado Springs.  Bryson has an excellent track record of getting domestic violence charges reduced and dismissed.

The domestic violence judges and prosecutors in Colorado Springs respect Bryson for his calm, insightful and ethical demeanor in stressful criminal cases. 

If your domestic violence case goes to trial, Bryson has the skills to convince the jury you are not guilty.

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