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Most Colorado Springs drivers never think to schedule a traffic lawyer free consultation when they get a ticket. Life is busy, and people want to pay for the ticket to get on with their life.  Unfortunately, this can become a big mistake resulting in higher insurance costs, tedious driving school, or even the loss of your driver’s license.

When facing a traffic ticket in Colorado Springs, seeking a free consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer can be a crucial step in protecting your rights and potentially avoiding long-term consequences.

If you have received a ticket in Colorado Springs that is higher than four points, scheduling a free consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer is well worth your time.

If you receive a ticket in Colorado Springs that carries more than four points, taking advantage of a free consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer can prove invaluable. Higher-point tickets can have far-reaching implications, making it essential to seek professional legal guidance to understand your options and potential defenses. 

Schedule your free consultation with Perkins Law today and fight that traffic ticket.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Simplifying the Process

Dealing with a traffic ticket in Colorado Springs can be a source of distress, anxiety, and deep worry. Navigating the legal intricacies and potential consequences of traffic violations demands the expertise of a skilled traffic ticket lawyer well-versed in Colorado’s laws and court procedures.

When facing the complexities of a traffic violation charge, it’s crucial to have seasoned attorneys with a proven track record of successfully handling traffic ticket cases.

With the right legal representation offered by Perkins Law, you can find the necessary support and guidance to navigate through this challenging time and potentially mitigate the impact of the ticket on your driving record and insurance costs. 

Is it worth it to get a traffic lawyer free consultation for a simple traffic violation?

Have you ever driven faster than the posted speed limit? Have you ever changed lanes or made a turn without using your turn signal? How about unsuccessfully trying to get through a yellow light before it turns red or failing to come to a full and complete stop at an intersection?

If you’re like most residents of Colorado Springs, you answered yes to at least one of those questions. That also means you will likely get a traffic ticket at some point if you haven’t already.

Before you give up or pay up after a traffic violation, pick up the phone and schedule a free consultation with the traffic ticket lawyers at Perkins Law. You may think that you don’t need to or shouldn’t hire an attorney for a traffic ticket, but working with a traffic lawyer can save you money and spare you the many headaches that come with a tainted driving record.

At Perkins Law in Colorado Springs, we help people just like you who have decisions to make regarding traffic tickets and other matters that may impact your wallet, your driving, and your life.  With affordable fees and a free initial consultation, we may be able to save you from the significantly higher costs that can come with a traffic conviction.

How to Work with a Colorado Springs Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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Step 1

Call us to set-up your initial free, and confidential, telephone consultation.

Step 2

Meet in person or on the phone with an experienced El Paso County traffic ticket lawyer to assess your ticket and strategize your defense.

Step 3

You can rest easy knowing that a dedicated Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer will handle your case from start to finish.

Make the Right Choice After Getting a Traffic Ticket

In the grand scheme of things, Colorado Springs traffic violations may seem like no big deal—you can curse under your breath, pay the fine and move on. But this approach can come back to haunt you.

What may seem like the easy way out can actually make your life a lot harder in the long run. Skyrocketing insurance premiums, the loss of your driving privileges, and other negative consequences can follow a traffic ticket.

Traffic violations may not be criminal offenses like assault, shoplifting, or fraud, but when you pay the fine or don’t show up in court when you are supposed to, you are admitting guilt just as if you were standing before a judge.

You wouldn’t plead guilty to a crime without thinking about the consequences and alternatives. The same applies to traffic tickets. In some circumstances paying the fine may, in fact, be the right course of action. But wouldn’t you rather know if there was a better way to handle the situation?

Getting a traffic lawyer free consultation will help you understand your options and help you fight the ticket if that offers the best chance of saving you money and preventing long-term problems.

Points Add Up Quickly and Cost You a Lot

In Colorado, traffic violations go on your driving record. Each time you receive a citation, “points” will appear on your record. These points can add up quickly, and when they do, you can lose your driving privileges and could even go to jail.

The state of Colorado will suspend your license for up to one year if you accumulate:

  • 12 points or more within 12 months.
  • 18 points or more within 24 months.

Some of the most common traffic violations, such as running a red light or stop sign, speeding (10 to 19 mph over the limit), no proof of insurance, or not yielding the right of way to a pedestrian, will add four points to your record.

But some offenses, like leaving the scene of an accident, DUI, or speeding 40 mph over the speed limit, will add 12 points to your record all at once.

When you plead guilty to a traffic violation in a Colorado Springs court, no matter how many points you receive against your driver’s license, you are that much closer to suspension if the police pull you over again. And even one traffic violation is enough for your car insurance company to decide to raise your premium. Get enough tickets, and you may find that you can’t get insurance at all.

How a Colorado Springs Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

A Colorado Springs traffic lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding traffic violations. Whether facing speeding tickets, reckless driving charges, or DUI offenses, a skilled traffic lawyer can offer expert legal guidance, potentially minimizing the impact on driving records, insurance costs, and overall livelihood.

With a deep understanding of Colorado’s traffic laws and court procedures, a traffic lawyer can develop personalized strategies, negotiate on your behalf, and represent your best interests in court, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive defense.

From addressing traffic violations to handling license suspensions and advocating for reduced penalties, a traffic lawyer’s expertise and advocacy can significantly alleviate the stress and uncertainty associated with traffic-related legal matters, providing essential support to safeguard your rights and driving privileges.

For all these reasons, fighting your ticket may be the better move. But successfully defending yourself is risky and could result in even more problems if you lose. That is why so many Coloradans go online to search for a criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs offering free consultations.

As experienced traffic ticket lawyers, we know the written and unwritten rules that apply to Colorado Springs traffic violations and court proceedings. Dealing with our local El Paso County judges and prosecutors on a daily basis, we understand how they make decisions and what approaches will get the best results.

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Fighting a traffic ticket in Colorado Springs may not be easy, but finding an attorney who will advocate for you when you need them isn’t hard. If you need a traffic ticket lawyer in El Paso County, we look forward to assisting you during this challenging time.

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