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Are you seeking advice and representation from an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer? Attorney Bryson Perkins specializes in defense for criminal assault charges, domestic violence and child abuse charges, fighting restraining orders and getting traffic tickets over 6 points reduced or dismissed. 


Get the time you deserve dedicated to your criminal defense case. Don't get sent around to different criminal attorneys. Get the attention and respect your criminal defense needs from start to finish.


Work with a criminal law firm that understands and knows how to implement the law to your advantage. A competent criminal defense attorney provides you with value and quality.


Being aggressive is good. Being respectful is better. Don't get shut out because of too much aggression. We work to dismiss your criminal charges where possible, and specialize in getting criminal defense cases reduced where practical.

Need help with criminal charges in Colorado Springs?

We offer competency and quality you can afford. Get better quality for lower cost and the time dedicated to the criminal defense that you deserve.

Rated one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs, Bryson Perkins is aggressive with protecting your rights but respectful and effective when it matters most.


Whether you need a tenacious trial attorney for a difficult court battle or help in reducing criminal charges, we can help you. Discover the benefits of our distinctive "Tenacious Respect" approach to criminal defense law. Contact Perkins Law today to start a conversation about your case.

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What Bryson Perkins offers to each one of his clients.

Aggressive When It Counts

Perkins Law is tenacious when fighting to dismiss or reduce your criminal charges.

Respectful When It Matters Most

Years of working in criminal law has led Bryson Perkins to understand that sometimes creativity and respect go further than aggressive tactics in the courtroom.

Dedicated to Your Case

At Perkins Law, we strive to offer you the time and dedication that you deserve. You will never feel left in the dark or uncertain of your case.

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