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Why Do You Need A Civil Protection Order Lawyer in Colorado Springs?

You need a civil protection order lawyer in Colorado Springs to navigate the legal complexities of obtaining and enforcing a CPO. Their expertise increases the likelihood of the CPO being granted and enforced effectively, ensuring your safety.

A lawyer provides critical legal counsel, representation during hearings, and diligent support throughout the process. They offer invaluable guidance on legal recourses, helping contest, modify, or terminate the order in accordance with the law. 

Don’t try to obtain a CPO alone. You need the steady, guiding hand of a Colorado Springs CPO attorney. You need the knowledge, practice, and years of fine-tuned expertise of Perkins Law.

Obtaining a Civil Protection Order Can Be Hard. Finding a CPO Lawyer Doesn’t Have To Be.

We know how you feel—scared, worried, and overwhelmed.  Obtaining a civil protection order against an ex-partner or someone criminally harrassing you can reopen old wounds and conflicts. This is not the time to go to court on your own.

You need the best Colorado Springs family law attorneys with experience in El Paso County family courts and a track record of successfully negotiating family courts in Southern Colorado. With Perkins Law hammering out the details of your CPO case, you know you’re in good hands.

Hiring a Civil Protection Order Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

According to Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-14-104.5, there are several necessary steps one must take to file a civil protection order in Colorado. These important steps set up the best course for protecting you.

The right civil protection order lawyer can walk you through these steps and guide you to the other side. Their knowledge of these types of cases will help you make clear decisions as you consider the steps of filing a civil protection order. These steps include:

Filing a Petition

To obtain a Civil Protection Order in Colorado, an individual must file a petition with the appropriate court. The petitioner, who is seeking protection, must provide detailed information about the alleged threats, harm, or harassment they have experienced. Consulting with a civil protection order lawyer in Colorado Springs who is experienced in handling CPO cases is essential to ensure that the petition includes all the necessary information and meets the court’s requirements.

Obtaining Consent

Once the petition is filed, the court will review the request and may issue a temporary protection order if there is an immediate threat to the petitioner’s safety. After this, a hearing will be scheduled where both parties involved will present their arguments. The court will then determine whether to issue a permanent civil protection order.

Undergoing a Background Check

As part of the process, the court will conduct a background check on both parties involved in the case. This is to ensure that the petitioner’s claims are valid and to assess any potential risks. The civil protection order lawyer can guide the respondent, the individual against whom the CPO is sought, on the necessary steps to prepare for the hearing.

How to Work with a Colorado Springs Civil Protection Order Attorney

At Perkins Law, our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs are familiar with El Paso County family courts and judges and are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex legal process. Trust the Colorado Springs civil protection order attorneys at Perkins Law to look after you during this challenging time.

Step 1

Call us to set-up your initial free, and confidential, telephone consultation.

Step 2

Meet in person or on the phone with an experienced El Paso County civil protective order attorney to assess your case and strategize your approach.

Step 3

You can rest easy knowing that a dedicated Colorado Springs civil protection order lawyer is taking care of your case from start to finish.

The Process of Enforcing a Civil Protection Order

Understanding the Consequences of Violating a Civil Protection Order

Violating a civil protection order in Colorado can lead to serious legal repercussions. Individuals who disregard the terms of a CPO may face penalties such as fines, mandatory counseling or treatment programs, probation, and even imprisonment. It is crucial for both parties involved in a CPO to have a clear understanding of the order’s provisions to prevent any inadvertent violations. By being fully aware of the restrictions and obligations outlined in the CPO, individuals can avoid potentially severe consequences associated with non-compliance.

Legal Recourses Available to Individuals Subject to a CPO

For individuals subjected to a civil protection order, the legal implications can significantly impact various aspects of their personal and professional lives. However, it’s important to note that there are legal avenues available to contest, modify, or terminate a CPO in Colorado. By filing a motion with the court and presenting compelling evidence, individuals can seek to challenge the terms of the order. This process requires a thorough understanding of the legal framework and persuasive advocacy to support the request. Seeking the guidance of a defense attorney can be instrumental in navigating this complex procedure and safeguarding the individual’s rights throughout the legal proceedings.

Seeking Legal Counsel for Enforcement and Compliance

Navigating the enforcement and compliance of a civil protection order necessitates the expertise of a knowledgeable legal professional. A civil protection order lawyer can offer invaluable guidance and representation, ensuring that the terms of the order are fully understood and adhered to by the involved parties. Additionally, a lawyer can provide strategic counsel on the legal recourses available for individuals placed under a CPO, assisting them in taking appropriate steps to contest or modify the order in accordance with the law.

Safeguarding Compliance and Protecting Rights

The enforcement of a civil protection order demands a comprehensive understanding of legal obligations and rights. A skilled attorney can assist individuals in upholding compliance with the terms of the CPO while also safeguarding their legal rights. By seeking legal counsel, individuals can navigate the complexities of the legal process with confidence, ensuring that their interests are protected and that they are equipped to address any legal challenges associated with the enforcement of the civil protection order.

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