How Do You Find the Best Divorce Attorney for Your Case?

On August 26, 2019

If your marriage is ending, and you find yourself searching the internet for the “best divorce lawyer near me,” I know it can be a challenge. How do you find the right lawyer for you?


Few areas of the law are as personal as divorce and family law. As a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, I often see people at one of the saddest, scariest, and most vulnerable times of their lives.

The attorney-client relationship in a divorce case is a unique one. If you are in the middle of a divorce, you need more than just someone to be your advocate in a courtroom.

You need a friend with a steady hand to guide you through the divorce process. A friend with a welcoming ear to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. You need a friend that is also the best lawyer for you and your case.

Different Divorce Lawyers Take Different Approaches

Not all folks that are facing divorce look at it the same way. And not all people facing divorce have the same personality or goals.

The same goes for the best divorce lawyers. Every lawyer takes a unique approach when it comes to divorce. Finding the right lawyer for your divorce involves finding a lawyer whose approach and attitude line up with yours.

If your goal is to resolve issues amicably and minimize conflict, you don’t want a divorce lawyer who is going to turn every minor disagreement into a major battle.

If you are concerned that your spouse will take advantage of you or try some underhanded divorce tricks, you may want someone who takes a more aggressive and forceful posture.

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“Tenacious Respect”

I have been a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs for quite some time. During my many years of helping people through this very personal and very emotional process, I have developed my own approach. I call it “tenacious respect.”

Tenacious respect means a lot of things. The tenacious part means I will tirelessly protect your rights and your children. When matters need to be resolved through litigation, I come thoroughly prepared to zealously advocate on behalf of my clients in the courtroom.

The respect part means that I will stand up and stand by you with professionalism and civility. Respect and professionalism are bedrock values. That extends not only to you and your family but to opposing counsel and the court as well.

When emotion, pettiness, or disrespect interfere with clear thinking and a focus on the issues, it only creates more conflict and higher costs.  Showing respect increases the chances of a peaceful and positive resolution.

That is not how I roll.

Solving Problems, Not Making Them

As your divorce lawyer, it is my job to solve problems, not to add to them. I always try to minimize conflict and maximize the likelihood of a full and fair settlement of all issues. I don’t see tenacity and respect as opposing values. Actually, they complement each other.

I can fiercely protect my clients’ rights while doing so in a productive and civil way. That is how I help my clients get through this challenging process. That can also help you get a faster divorce. Other Colorado Springs divorce lawyers may take a different tack. That doesn’t make them wrong – just different.

Divorce may be hard, but finding the best Colorado Springs divorce lawyer for your case doesn’t have to be.

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