What Are Divorce Costs in Colorado Springs If Both Parties Agree?

On September 26, 2022

How much your divorce costs in Colorado Springs depends on whether you and your spouse play nicely or fight over everything. Learn more.

Working Things Out With Your Spouse Can Work To Reduce Your Divorce Costs

There are many unpleasant or unwelcome aspects of ending a marriage, and one of the most unpleasant is how much divorce costs in Colorado Springs. Divorcing spouses hire their own attorneys to protect their interests and guide them through the process. There are also court costs, filing fees, and potential expenses for expert witnesses or other professional services. While divorce lawyers may charge different hourly rates or varying flat fees for their work, the most significant determinant of how much divorce costs in Colorado Springs is how the two soon-to-be ex-spouses handle their impending split.

There is a substantial financial cost difference between a civil couple who can agree on significant issues and spouses who fight over every aspect of their divorce, no matter how small or inconsequential. When spouses can agree on the major matters involved in your divorce (such as property valuation and division, spousal support, parenting and visitation, and child support), divorce costs will inevitably be lower.

Uncontested Divorces Reduce Divorce Costs in Colorado Springs

Divorcing couples themselves have a significant degree of control over divorce costs. The number of hours your attorney spends on your case and the corresponding fees they will charge you largely depends on how much or how little you and your spouse get along while working through all the issues you need to resolve to end your marriage.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex are on the same page, treat each other civilly, and work together in good faith to swiftly conclude your divorce, your divorce attorney won’t have much negotiating or fighting to do with your spouse’s counsel. Instead, they can guide you through the quicker and thus less expensive process known as “uncontested divorce.”

An uncontested divorce is one in which neither spouse contests the basis of the divorce and both have agreed upon the terms of a negotiated settlement agreement (and parenting plan when minor children are involved).

Uncontested divorces tend to be easier when a couple does not have minor children or has a relatively simple financial picture and limited assets. In such cases, there are fewer potential things to disagree about, with no complex calculations, valuations, or scheduling mechanics to slow the process down and contribute to higher divorce costs in Colorado Springs.

However, even when couples largely agree about property and asset distribution, valuing and dividing property can be an involved process. For instance, spouses with substantial shared investments, who share ownership of a business or have other assets can expect a more costly divorce.

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Similarly, suppose you have minor children together. In that case, your attorney will spend significant time working through the logistics of parenting plans and addressing educational, religious, or special needs concerns.

Remember that you have hired a divorce lawyer to protect your interests (and your children’s interests). Even in an uncontested divorce, your attorney will need to ensure that everyone’s financial cards are on the table and that you have addressed all relevant issues. They also must prepare and pay for the court filings and agreements necessary to start and conclude the divorce process in El Paso County.

While you may think that you and your spouse agree on everything, an experienced divorce attorney may raise points or issues you have not considered and must address, which could add to your divorce costs in Colorado Springs.

All-Out War Will Make Your Divorce Cost A Lot More

Divorce costs in Colorado Springs will dramatically increase if you and your spouse fight tooth and nail over every possible issue or if your spouse decides to play games with financial disclosures, conceal assets, or engage in other divorce shenanigans. Your lawyer will have to file additional motions and go to court to resolve various conflicts or obtain access to requested documents and information as the case drags on. A trial is the next step if you can’t resolve any issues without an El Paso County judge. The trial preparation for and conducting the trial will have your attorney on the clock for countless hours and will also increase your court costs.

Your Spouse May Have To Contribute To Your Divorce Costs

Many divorcing spouses are not on equal footing financially, with one party having access to and control over significantly more money and resources than the other. This can disadvantage the less well-off spouse, especially if they have no financial resources to pay for an experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer.

Fortunately, El Paso County courts recognize the unfairness of such a situation. If you cannot pay your legal fees, your lawyer can petition the court to order your spouse to cover some or all of your attorney’s fees and expenses. This petition will level the financial playing field and reduce your divorce costs in Colorado Springs.

While Divorce Costs in Colorado Springs May Vary, Our Commitment to Protecting Your Interests Does Not

Whether your divorce is uncontested and simple or complicated and nasty, you deserve the same dedication from your divorce lawyer. The experienced and compassionate Colorado Springs divorce attorneys at Perkins Law will protect your interests and the interests of your children throughout the entire divorce process.

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