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An Experienced Divorce Attorney During an Uncertain Time

Divorce is rarely easy and often contentious. Of all the challenges you may face in life, few are more difficult, emotional, and stressful than ending a marriage.

Questions about how to move forward and choices that will determine what the future will look like are difficult enough. A whirlwind of finger-pointing and heated arguments can make the process even more taxing.

But with a steady hand offering sound advice, clear guidance, and compassionate counsel, you can weather the storm and emerge ready to start a new chapter of your life filled with hope and promise.

I’m family law and divorce attorney Bryson Perkins, practicing in Colorado Springs, CO. I understand that divorce is not simply a legal matter, but an intimately personal one. You and your children, of course, have interests that must be protected and rights that must be asserted, and you need a divorce lawyer who has the experience and approach to effectively navigate the process on your behalf. 

But you have other needs as well. Peace of mind. Clarity. Someone you can count on to answer your questions, ease your fears, and assure you that it will be okay.

As a divorce attorney, I see it as my mission to be an ally, advisor, and advocate who you can trust to look out for you and your kids at every step.

Taking the Time for Your Divorce Case

When I work with Colorado Springs residents going through the transition of a divorce, I take the time to get to know them personally.

I will actively listen to your concerns, find out your goals, and understand your circumstances. I work tirelessly to provide you with the attention, care, and thoughtfulness you deserve. 

From your initial consultation to the conclusion of your case and beyond, I will be by your side, available, and accessible when you need me. For such a deeply personal and profoundly important matter, you deserve nothing less.

Every Aspect of Colorado Divorce

I counsel clients through every aspect of divorce, from pre-divorce planning to post-divorce issues, including:

Whether you have children or not, whether your marital assets are relatively simple and modest or complicated and extensive, I am the experienced divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs you need to help you through the process and ensures that you are afforded all of the protections and rights that Colorado divorce law provides.

Respectful. Professional. Tenacious.

Respect and professionalism are bedrock values. That extends not only to you and your family but to opposing counsel and the court as well.

When emotion, pettiness, or disrespect interfere with clear thinking and a focus on the issues, it only creates more conflict and greater costs and reduces the chances of an amicable and positive resolution.

I don’t let that happen. As your lawyer, it is my job to solve problems, not to add to them; to minimize acrimony and maximize the likelihood of a full and fair settlement of all issues in dispute. However, respect and tenacity are not opposing values. I fiercely protect my clients’ rights and will do everything possible to ensure my clients’ well-being. When matters need to be resolved through litigation, I come thoroughly prepared to zealously advocate on behalf of my clients in the courtroom.

Divorce may not be easy, but finding a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs who will sit down with you and stand up for you when you need them doesn’t have to be hard.

If you are considering divorce or are facing issues relating to divorce, I look forward to assisting you during this challenging time.